Nigel Mullaney is a self confessed “Gear Geek” and has been producing and releasing electronic music since he was aged 11. After heading to London, the early 90 's saw him working as a session programmer and remixer for labels such as Zomba, Universal, BMG and Virgin Music. His remix and production work included such diverse artists as Madonna, George Harrison and Peter Gabriel as well as having several major label releases of his own. His active participation in the experimental breakbeat / electronica scene saw him spinning tunes up and down the country as an in demand DJ.

The last 19 years Nigel has headed up the team at Phoenix Creative Media Ltd as musical director, alongside award winning songwriter Jonathan Jowett. His work for DeWolfe music has seen over 300 works published. His new project with Ian Boddy sees a move into more Cinematic territory with recordings of large Orchestral ensembles and epic production values for the newly formed Widescreen label.

His skill set has seen him travel the globe remixing, producing and performing for many top industry artists. Nigel is now in demand as one of TV and Films top composers and producers, providing material for trailers, campaigns and TV spots for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, The Amazing Spiderman, CSI Miami, Sex In The City and The Walking Dead, to name but a few.

Nigel also works with another popular DeWolfe artist Ian Boddy and releases electronic music on the DiN label, home to top artists such as Node, Markus Reuter, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Chris Carter, ARC, Robert Rich and Erik Wollo.

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